Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Victoria Bug Zoo

The Victoria Bug Zoo is genuinely freaking awesome, I was a pig in shit. Learnt an awful lot about insects and and got to hold a tarantula, a scorpion, a spiny stick insect, a praying mantis, a cockroach and wear a millipede as a moustache. Really very happy I did it. Brilliant.

There were only five visitors in the zoo, a family of four with children about four and five years old and it was all done by an informative guided tour. Looking at the leaf cutter ants the guide asked 'Does anyone know who the biggest ant in the colony is?'
I was straight in with 'The Gi-ant'. I waited for the round of applause but the others just politely pretended I'd said nothing as a tumble weed blew past. The guide carried on 'It's the queen' Well of course it's the bloody queen, who do you think you're talking to? Four year olds?... Oh. Right.

If you are ever in Victoria please, please, please go to the Bug Zoo. It's not even mentioned in the Rough Guide to Canada, I will be writing to them to make sure this oversight is corrected.

The rest of my time in Victoria was equally enjoyable, attended Rifflandia festival where Band Of Skulls were playing and The Flaming Lips headlined. Cracking.


  1. These are all stories perfectly suited to a career in maths teaching... you ever thought about it?

  2. This is better Glyn, your previous entry 'that's the way I roll' was frankly the biggest load of bollocks I've read in a while. Perhaps you should lay off the coffee and have a couple of conversations with actual people before inflicting your random thoughts on me, your family and other people that occassianlly tolerate your company.

    I'm sure the publishers of the rough guide to Canada will appreciate your enthusiasm for the bug zoo however your thoughts on the top ten places for a spontaneous forward roll are probaly best kept to yourself.

    1. Hope you appreciated the Double Rainbow story too. Who is this making such comments? I will endeavour to improve the non-bollocksness of future posts.