Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I bought 2 pints of milk this morning and the milk lasts longer than my stay in England. Yay, it's so close I can almost smell the traveller's B.O. under my arm pits.

I'm enjoying how everyone at work says they're really pleased for me that I'm going then smiles through gritted teeth. I know that no-one wants to hear too much about any great experiences I have because you're not sharing them so I'll try to keep most of my posts about the morons and eccentric mentalers I'll inevitibly meet as well as any scary and crazy situations I get myself into.

Visited my Grandma last week and she said that if I was writing about my travels I should stick to facts about where I am and what I'm doing and not write about my thoughts about them because no-one will care what I think! Thanks Grandma.

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